Recycling + Sustainability = VM

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Who are we?

It’s a known fact that we are currently facing a huge pollution problem in the world. Every year tons of garbage is produced everywhere and there isn't a cultural responsibility to take care to repurpose our trash. Garbage ends up in waste lands, rivers and most of the time in the sea, where it floats down to the bottom and stays there. In Chile alone we produce 900.000 tons of plastic each year. Of which only 8% is recycled and 20% is thrown into the sea. Vuelvo Material is a company that proposes a functional and clean solution to this problem, by recycling and repurposing plastic, through a cooking process involving type 2 plastics, HDPE2 (which is the least recycled plastic in Chile). This plastic has the least toxic and most resistible composition in the market, thus making our product a very sterile one, apt for construction and architectural sheathing. The material itself comes in a standard sheet form with an adhering pattern on one side (similar to floor tiles), measuring 40cm x 40cm, with a 9mm thickness, but can also be made to accommodate different dimensions and needs. Vuelvo Material provides a new approach to sustainable living and helps meet the needs of the quickly growing construction and housing market by providing a more eco friendly solution, thus transforming garbage into a resistant, durable, sterile, and versatile construction material.